Vagrant and VMware Fusion promiscuous mode

Using Vagrant is a handy way to manage virtual machines. If you use VMware Fusion as virtualizing platform, for some cases it’s important to configure Fusion enabling network promiscuous mode without asking for admin authentication, because Vagrant’s nature as a command line tool Vagrant can’t answer Fusion’s dialog box. (or in other words: Vagrant manage VMs without any VMware GUI, just per Fusion commands – Vagrant has no chance to answer any Fusion dialog)

Disable VMware Fusion promiscuous mode authentication either per command line (create a file “promiscAuthorized”)

sudo touch ”/Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion/promiscAuthorized”

Or edit VMware Fusion properties network dialog, keep check box “Require authentication to enter promiscuous mode” (dialog in german: Authentifizierung für Übergang in den vermischten Modus erforderlich”) empty.

VMware Fusion 6 Pro properties network dialog box (german language)

I’ve tested both methods with VMware Fusion 6 Pro on Mac OS X Mavericks.

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