New locomotive arrived!

July 7, 2013

Last week a new loco arrived my Florida industrial switching layout: a H0 Atlas Master Series Silver GP40-2, No. 418 from Florida East Coast Railway.




Because the locomotive is out of stock at the producer luckily I got one on Ebay from a german dealer. The locomotive looks really great, lots of details. Unfortunately it is without DCC and sound. So first I had to install a DCC decoder, I chose Digitrax DH165Q1 and additional a SFX004 – Soundbug – sound decoder.
Install DCC and sound was easier than expected, although the DCC decoder didn’t fit 100 percent so I had to rewire almost all electrical connections from the locomotive to the decoder board. The hardest work for me was remove the body shell without damage the shell or the handrails or other little mounted parts (handrails were removed too).


Here’s a short video from a test drive, No. 418 without body shell:

And here is a short video from the reassembled locomotive, now with DCC and sound: