Roco Z21 With Wireless Digitrax Throttle

December 6, 2014

I plan to renew my digital model railroad equipment. Amongst others I want to use a wireless throttle. I decided to use a Roco Z21 digital central unit, a Digitrax UR92 radio transceiver panel and a DT402D throttle for wireless train control. Here’s a picture from my test set-up:

Roco Z21, Digitrax UR92 and Digitrax DT402D

First I was a bit skeptical due to unusual combination of parts from different producer and relatively little information about Roco’s Z21 and Digitrax/Loconet accessory know-how. Anyway, Roco promises in the Z21 FAQ, that Z21 Loconet interface will work with Digitrax UR92 and DT402. What should I say, it works very well. More about installation, configuration in future posts.